Allen Curreri

Research in Clinical Decision Making

Dr. Allen Curreri, an experienced sales and management professional in the healthcare industry, has dedicated the bulk of his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) research to clinical decision making. Allen’s background in capital equipment and pharmaceutical sales inspired him to seek out why physicians make the treatment decisions they make— and how we can supply the training and ongoing education that they need.

Allen earned his Ph.D. in Management at the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University, one of the top research schools in the nation. He was recently awarded a post-graduate fellowship from the same institution, and will continue his research into how mindfulness, technology, and eating habits impact physicians who work in American emergency rooms. Allen intends to further study how a physician’s mindfulness influences their decision-making when they decide to take a certain action (or to not take a certain action) during certain situations.

There are a variety of internal and external factors that affect physicians’ decisions in emergency situations: internally, physicians must grapple with extremely time-sensitive and high-stress issues for the well-being of their patients; externally, they may face pressure from their facility to skew a certain way or to try to save time and/or money. When outside tools (e.g. computers) are unavailable, a physician’s general mindfulness in the face of these factors is the sole influencer on their choice.

Yet despite this common thread among physicians around the world, there is a lack of common curriculum for mindfulness training within medical facilities. As new technologies are subsidized by the government and healthcare costs rise, patient death rates remain largely unaffected– and Allen Curreri is dedicating his career to determining a potential combative force via a standardized clinical decision-making training system.


Clinical Decision-Making

Allen Curreri is working toward a career in healthcare consulting and will focus on getting health care policies written and implemented within integrated delivery networks, hospital networks, private research institutions and more. Allen is highly experienced in the medical industry within a business capacity, and he will focus creating a baseline curriculum for mindfulness training and tailoring it for each facility through a unique concierge model.

Allen’s clinical decision-making work will be largely built off of the quantitative data he has gathered during his time at Case Western. His existing professional network culled from ten years in healthcare has allowed him to tap into the minds of 1000+ ER physicians and visit more than 400 emergency rooms to gather relevant information on his studies. Currently, Allen is analyzing this data to develop a standardized mindfulness curriculum for a physician management group with whom he is working.

Allen Curreri balances his research with his current career in pharmaceutical sales. He is currently doing consultative work looking at physician performance and burnout in hospitals around the globe.

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