Mindfulness is has become a staple of many societal facets; it has even found its way into public education as a means of improving and studying youth mental health — right alongside common core courses. Pair this phenomenon with the equally widespread progression of mobile app technology, and you are left with more opportunities than ever to become more mindful and improve your overall quality of life.

That said, here are several top mindfulness apps to consider in 2019.

Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind is a great starting point for those interested in mindfulness, and it is aimed at a variety of ages, making it one of the most accessible mindfulness resources on the market. Children as young as seven years old can effectively partake in the app’s offerings, which range in application from education to the workplace.


Aura predicates itself on an important mantra in self-betterment: “you are important.” The award-winning app uses this sentiment as a foundation to understand users’ emotions, from anxiety to work-related stress. Users are able to access guided meditation segments (which range from 3 to 20 minutes each), and the app immerses itself in what works for each user’s specific needs, making each subsequent session increasingly personalized.

The Mindfulness App

Self-explanatory and broad as its name may be, the Mindfulness App is actually capable of narrow, personalized mindful engagement. Features include a five-day guided meditation regimen, a series of reminders telling users to relax and take a break from whatever they are currently doing, and compatibility with a range of other health-related apps. Think of it as a personal mindfulness coach in your pocket.


I have previously explored the impact of mindfulness on physical activity and fitness, and MindBody strives to double down on this notion by listing applicable training and improvement professionals and businesses — whether it is a personal trainer or a spa. The app stands as a quick directory of supplementary services consistently linked with quicker mindful fruition, and it can be a great companion as you work to find your own inner balance.


Like the Mindfulness App, Breethe is focused on constant mindfulness engagement throughout the day. The app follows users “from the time they wake up to the time they go to sleep,” providing them helpful tools and insight to stay in tune with mindfulness practices. Meditation sessions themselves max out at 5 minutes long and are paired with tips to emphasize happy emotions avoid emotional deviations.